The catalogue of the net of “Mediatecas” allows to locate different types of materials:, etc. books, magazines, videos and DVDs, compact discs, videogames, etc.

For consulting exclusively the catalogue (all the documents) of the “Mediateca” of the “Centro de Arte Alcobendas” it is necessary to select in the tab available subcatalogues: Mediateca Centro de Arte.

The catalogue is updated daily and allows to consult the state of the documents (available, lent, booked, etc.). When making the searches, it is necessary to take into account the following general questions:

  • The search can be made by any field or several ones at the same time.

  • Any field makes a search through the whole catalogue.

  • The searching terms can be introduced either in capital letters or lower-case letters, and with diacritical marks or without them.

  • Any term that is introduced is considered“término de búsqueda” (searching term): a word, a number, a chain of characters, etc., including articles and prepositions.

There is, in the catalogue of the “Mediatecas” , the option of selecting the type of fund that is wanted to accede: “Catálogo general” or “Catálogo infantil-juvenil” (for children and young people).