Library for children

Library for children

Children and youngsters until 14 years old have their own space, the “mediateca” for children, with suitable collections and resources. In this space they can share their tastes with other mates of the library, find suggestions and readings, make school projects, connecting to Internet, dream among the thousands of books available for reading, take a look at the comics, choose music or videogames.

Children under 7 have to go to the “mediateca” accompanied by an adult. There, they will enjoy themselves listening tales, discovering the world and living new adventures. With the lending, children take home up to 4 books, 2 magazines and 4 multimedia (CD-ROM, DVD, CD and videogames). Books are lent for 30 days, and the rest of documents for a period of 7 days. Children and youngsters until 14 years old have to register in the base of readers accompanied y an adult the first time they accede to the lending service.

The “mediateca” has 40 posts of reading and study for children from 6 to 13 years old, an area for pre-readers with a maximum capacity of 56 people (including children and adults), 8 posts of Internet, 2 posts of office automation, 1 printer, 1 post for consulting the OPAC and 1 post of auto-lending. There are also 2 sound systems for listening to the music installed in the systems, with the digitalized fund available at the “mediateca”.

Infantile users can make use of the Internet for a maximum of 30 minutes per day, print a maximum of 5 paper sheets and make use of the computers for making scholar projects and office automation all the time that is needed, given that there is not a waiting list.

The books are ordered by ages and colors: the yellow ones are for the youngest kids, orange ones are for children from 6 to 9 years old and green ones are for the young public. In addition, the “mediateca” for children has several spots for poetry, theater, books for children in other languages and comics.