The Centro de Arte Alcobendas Auditorium has capacity to 348 numerated seats, four of them are designated for disabled people or wheelchair. Is an appropriate space to program concerts, presentations, institucional acts, cinema projections, and another activities who requires audiovisual technology with medium capacity. Has acoustic shell in the scenery and sound panels, who projects the sound to enhancing nuances, designed like one of the best sound in Spain. Has audiovisual technology of the best quality, like a digital sound system with programable mixing console, a illumination system who allows modulate any type of act, a digital cinema proyector with dolby sourround sound and two proyection screens of 6 and 9 longitude metres.

The Centro de Arte Alcobendas also has a ticket office equipped to manage the sale of tickets for scheduled events. This space is managed by the Department of Building Management of the Centro de Arte Alcobendas. The auditorium is described in technical document download, in which equipment, areas, and other features are listed.