Alcobendas Collection of Photography Catalogue

Alcobendas Collection of Photography Catalogue

VIDEO Colección de Fotografía Alcobendas

Colección de Fotografía Alcobendas

The history of the Art Collection of the City of Alcobendas dates back to the late 70s, when the National Saloons of Plastic Arts began to be celebrated. Each of these halls was dedicated to a different art modality: sculpture, painting and ceramics. In 1985, already being the fifth edition of exhibition at the Culture Centre, the acquisitions of works began, initiating the collection with authors like Máximo Trueba, Fernando Sinaga, Juan Ugalde, Adolfo Schlosser or Victoria Civera. These pieces, along with as many of those selected, acquired over the years and to date, have become part of the art collection of our Centre.

The collection grew until in 1994 photography became a discipline, but with a distinctive hue: it was not the usual contest of a Saloon of Plastic Art, but the start of a collection, which, through an advisory committee, authors were chosen with criteria. Thus was born the Alcobendas Photography Collection, whose original name was Genres and trends in the beginnings of the twenty-first century.

In the beginning, it was an advisory committee the responsible for structuring and give sense to this Collection, whose fathers were Manuel Sonseca, José Vicent Monzó and Luis Revenga. After almost ten years of painstaking and great job,Fernando Castro Flórez took over and, in 2008, was the photographer and curator José María Díaz Maroto who took charge, remaining until the present time.

With the reference of the masters Català Roca, Gabriel Cualladó, Pérez Siquier or Alberto Schommer, among others (without whom it would not be possible to understand the evolution of photography in our country), the Collection includes the most representative of each gender and the various trends that cohabit: social documentation (which includes the work of press photographers, usually forgotten by the art world), portrait, landscape, literary and evocation photography , conceptual and experimental image with the latest digital techniques, etc.. The Collection is also committed with the incorporation to its funds of emerging artists, essential guarantee of future to keep it alive and current.

With a collection of over 700 images and nearly 150 photographers, the Alcobendas Collection is shown in the most prestigious national and international exhibition halls, in the hope of enriching, raise awareness and provide a visual reference of the history and evolution of contemporary Spanish photography.