family culture

family culture

Addressed to families with children aged 4 years, it aims to stimulate creativity and imagination and create a space where children and adults participate together in practical activities and visits to exhibitions of the Centro de Arte Alcobendas and other museums.

Within this program there are three activities: Guided, Family Art (creative workshops) and Museando (visits to museums).

Guided tours

The family tours aim to bring contemporary art to the youngest in a fun way. The activity consists of a visit which aims to stimulate the powers of observation and imagination of the child, and a workshop, where children and adults can develop their creativity and work together to reinforce the concepts and content of the visit.

family art

It includes a series of creative workshops where children and adults can experience practically different artistic disciplines: photography, sculpture, painting, video, etc..


It proposes a series of visits to various museums and cultural centres of the Community of Madrid and surroundings so as to approach other resources where families can enjoy art.

Activities take place one Saturday a month throughout the year in the morning or afternoon. They are free, except the amount of the entrance to the museum in case it was necessary to pay it.

In all cases the involvement and support of one adult per family is required.

Pre-registration is required at the Citizen Service (SAC).