Cidoncha Donation

Cidoncha Donation

Pepe Cidoncha's photography collection, donation object, is composed by a carefully images selection, mostly formed by realized editions from Raylowski Gallery in Valencia, founded in 1999 for collectors could purchase at affordable prices, photographs from the best authors, broughting to the market, limited series of 25 numerated and signed copies.

Photographs are habitual in this size editions (40 x 50 cm paspartu and oscillating photographic spot 30 x 40 cm and 24 x 30 cm). Edited by traditional process in one of the best laboratories from Spain with barium papers and conservation treatment. They are protected by neutral PH paspartu and also they are traditional way framed with black anodized aluminum, protecting their stably preservation.

These editions are released between 1990 and 2009, mostly, by spanish authors with international authors incursion.

Relationship works, Jose Cidoncha’s donation:

1.- Jean Dieuzaide. Chamber of wolves. Madeira, 1956. Photography
2.- Alberto Adsuara. Untitled, 1997-1998. Photography
3.- Frank Horvat. Anna Karina. Paris, 1959. Photography
4.- Eduard Ibáñez. Untitled, 1998. Photography. 40 x 40 cm
5.- Rafael Sanz Lobato. Maletilla (Pedro Bernardo). Ávila, 1967. Photography. 30 x 40 cm
6.- Juan Peiró. Storehouse. Grao de Valencia, 1996. Photography. H. E.
7.- Carlos Serrano. Untitled. Florence, 1989. Photography
8.- José Miguel de Miguel. Untitled, 1961. Photography
9.- José Miguel de Miguel. Sewing. La Beneficencia. Valencia, 1961. Photography
10.- Ferran Freixa. Son Collet. Santa María del Camí, Mallorca, 1983. Photography
11.- Bernard Plossu. Ranchs from Taos, 1978. Photography
12.- Bernard Plossu. Untitled. Photography
13.- Humberto Rivas. Lleida / Lérida, 1996. Photography
14.- Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. Memory of water. Cespedosa, 2002-2003. Photography
15.- Carlos Cánovas. Pamplona, 1996. Photography
16.- J. A. M. Montoya. Untitled ("Look to the Light" Series), 2003. Photography
17.- Alberto Schommer. Untitled ("Alive Museum" Series). Photography
18.- Alonso Garcés
19.- Manel Esclusa. Barcelona imagined city II- 01, May 1994. Photography
20.- Miguel Oriola. Untitled ("Domestic" Series), 1999. Photography
21.- Jorge Rueda. Female Greyhound, 2004. Photography
22.- Isabel Muñoz. Untitled. Ethiopia, 2005. Photography
23.- Rafael Navarro. Into the mist, 2006. Photography
24.- Ramón Masats. Church / Silo, 1959. Photography
25.- Carlos Pérez Siquier. Moor's islet. Almería, 1970. Photography
26.- Luis Baylón. Embajadores street (Serie "Pair of Two"). Madrid, January 1990. Photography
27.- Joan Colom. Sin título ("Raval Photografies: the Street" Series. Barcelona, 1958-1964). Photography
28.- Cristóbal Hara. Untitled. Cuenca, 1970. Photography
29.- Pablo Ortiz Monasterio. Tarahumara Altar. Mexico, c 1980. Photography
30.- David Hilliard. Sin título. Raymond, New Hampshire, United States, 1993. Photography
31.- Vari Caramés. Untitled ("Nadar" Series. Sociedad Deportiva La Solana, A Coruña / La Coruña, 1986-1990). Photography
32.- Chema de Luelmo. Read to believe blindly, 1996 (Catálogo Time of Silence). Photography. 9 x 16 cm, paper 30 x 40 cm
33.- Chema de Luelmo. Photography
34.- Chema Madoz. Untitled, 1993. Photography. 25 x 25 cm
35.- Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos. The Cross. Cuzco, Peru. Photography
36.- Javier Campano. Untitled, 2003. Photography
37.- Fernando Scianna. Benares. India, 1997. Photography
38.- Koldo Chamorro. Untitled ("Magic Spain" Series). Utrera, Seville, 1982. Photography
39.- Fernando Herráez. Untitled ("Line of the Beach" Series). Castejo do Quejido, Porto, 1978. Photography
40.- Fernando Herráez. Untitled (Serie "Line of the Beach: Angel"). San Bartolomeu do Mar, 1978. Photography
41.- Pablo San Juan. Untitled (Serie "Monsoon"). Dhaka, Bangladesh, India. Photography
42.- Pablo San Juan. The hand (Serie "Monsoon"). Sonargaon, Bangladesh, India. Photography
43.- Francisco Manchón Mas. Istambul. Whites, grey, black, beings, steam, 2008. Photography
44.- Francisco Manchón Mas. The slow look, 2008. Photography
45.- Pablo Fuentes. School girl, 2009. New York . Photography
46.- Ana Yturralde. The eyes of the soul. Lle de Gore, Senegal, 2007. Photography
47.- Ana Yturralde. Ways. Senegal, 2008. Photography
48.- Concha Prada. Beaten eggs, 1999. Photography
49.- Susi Arta. The reader, 2001. Photography
50.- Esther Didoncha
51.- Esther Didoncha
52.- Virxilio Vieitez. Untitled, 1955-1965. Photography