The municipal library net” offer their users a broad fund of books, magazines, videos, videogames, DVDs and compact discs for home lending.

The “mediatecas” share a common data base that enables the registered users to obtain as a lending, consult and book the net funds without having to repeat the procedures, that is, once registered at one of the headquarters, the users will be able to use the whole net just identifying themselves.

The lending is free and non-charged. People interested can usee the lending service showing their DNI, passport or residence card. Minors have to indicate their name, telephone number and address, making the register with a responsible adult that authorizes them.


You can make a booking for those documents that are loaned. When the documents are available, you will receive a prompt to get them with a limited time of 48 hours. A single user can simultaneously perform two reservations.

Number of documents that can be lent

Up to 10 documents per person, with a maximum of 4 books, 2 magazine publications, and 4 multimedia (included 1 single videogame).

Books are lent for a maximum period of 30 calendar days, with no possibility of renovating. The rest of materials are lento for 7 calendar days, with no possibility of renovating.

Delays, damage, loss or theft of documents

The late return of a document results in the suspension of the right to use the loan service for a period equivalent to the delay. Calendar days and the number
of documents delayed will be counted, without exception, and the penalty shall not exceed three months..

The loss, damage or missing of a given document, forces the user to replace the same document. For documents sold out or not available at that time on the market, those responsible for the Mediatheque will indicate which document should be purchased instead. In case of theft, the police complaint will exempt from the acquisition.

Loans to collectives

This loan is to target groups, schools and non-profit associations. The only requirement is to demonstrate the collective membership.The number of items on loan is 50 books and 10 other documents (except console games) for a maximum period of 30 calendar days.